Nelson Harrinsson has been writing for adults and kids around the world for many years. His creativity and willingness to write novels and Short Stories have made him become one of the most popular Storytellers for Kids on You Tube, MSN,, Google and plenty of other websites throughout the world, his stories have been translated into different languages in several countries including Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, India and Spanish countries, kids all over the globe wait for the release of his new tales on the web as well as many moms use them as a happy tool to send them to bed due to its enlightening and fair contents, children are not only attracted by the dreamfulness of his tales, but also by the enchanting character the author represents as an expressive hat-and-glass-user- reciter. Among his endless list of short stories are “The Honest Doll” written specially for his beloved niece Victoria, “Boris and the Giant Mushrooms” written by the author while being enthused in the mountains of Quebec Canada and “The Wishing Siblings” inspired by the wheat fields in a short stay in Minnesota. Nelson Harrinsson is a writer moved by emotions in combination with places, moods and characters. His mail recipient at is a runway of about 300 e mails a week. Graduated from Language at New York University in 1981 he started to write for a tiny press in a small fishing town located on the northern border of South America in his native Venezuela. In 1992 he returned to Washington DC. Where he finished his fiction writing studies At NRI the McGraw Hill School of writing.
He now resides in the state of Florida where he continues to write.

By Tory Layne Ingelmond

Nelson Harrinsson Interviewed by Patricia Mota

On his recent visit to Venezuela, Nelson Harrinsson allowed an interview with some college students specializing in journalism, interested in his bubbling popularity on the Worldwide Web. Patricia Mota an advanced student at the Universidad Catolica Cecilio Acosta interviewed him.She named her work as this:
"My Dream is to become a well-known writer and be able to make a living out of that" Her report starts this way: Nobody ever thought in his family that he will be an artist. Because as a child he was very shy. In fact he wanted to be an airliner pilot, but even he was wrong. Today he is very famous around the whole world due to his poems, writings and short stories. He found out that he was talented when he was five or six, when he started to paint and make drawings, however, years later his talent turned into writing.
PM) How do you perceive life and what are your dreams and goals?
Harrinsson: I think we all have dreams, I don’t think there is anyone without them. Some dreams are simple, others are more complicated and ambitious, but all of them are dreams. They are projects that sometimes become reality and in some cases they never will. In my case I would say that my dream is to publish all my books and spread them all around the world in the same way that my short stories already are. The biggest dream of a writer is to see his books published and distributed. So think that you already have won the fifty percent and when life contributes with the other fifty, your dream is completed. In regard to your second question, how do I perceive life? I think we all have the chance of managing the fifty percent of our lives, the other fifty percent is carried out by life and circumstances. I think the biggest goal we have in life is the pursued of happiness and no one has the right to sabotage or drift you away from your opportunities. We came to this world already packed by God with our happiness, with our capacities with our deciding power and the right to fully develop our own personalities no matter which one they might be.
PM) how do you describe yourself?
Harrinsson: Nice question. Let me tell you that if you can't deal with me, then you can't deal with nobody (laugh) I am an extremely easy going person. Even though, I have certain fame of being un-nice. I respect everybody’s life and expect people to respect mine as well. I don’t consider myself nosy so I don't like any one to nose on me. I always try to keep my good mood even when circumstances are tough. However as a writer I have become an observer. I don't just see the daily life passing by, but I also place my eyes on a different point of view to stare people's personalities and customs and always measure them with a good and evil scale, just checking the line where good ends and evil starts. I don’t consider myself or nobody perfect in any way. The only perfect here is God.
PM) which one has been your most difficult moment in your life?
Harrinsson: I think there were several difficult moments in my life, but I could say that the most difficult one was the moment of an accident that I had with a loaded eighteen wheeler, where I almost lose my life. In that really short moment in which everything runs in slow motion I understood that no one has the right to mislead you from your good path and that you do no need anybody's approval over your decisions.
PM) What pushed you to become a writer?
Harrinsson: Whenever you like writing, later in life you understand that those writings need to be preserved. Early in life when you wrote things, those things were not important to you and you used to throw them away, but when you start wishing to have those writings back, then you stop throwing written papers away. You can't allow anymore your dreams, poems and tales to become nothing.
PM) Are you still painting?
Harrinsson: Oh Yes! I will never abandon my canvas and my brushes. A painter by heart never forgets about his paintings.
PM) In what month were you a finalist of a poem contest in Madrid Spain?.
Harrinsson: That was just the last January 2009
PM) Do you have the plan to continue participating?
Harrinsson: I definitely will.
PM) Harrinsson thank you for this interview
Harrinsson: On the contrary it was a big honor and a pleasure. .....END

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